About us


Jammu Kashmir People’s Alliance (JKPA) is a socio-political organization established for the purpose of creating a new narrative amongst the masses We Serve – We Settle.

The very idea of inception of this organization is to go down to ground zero and address the root causes of the problems faced by the people of Jammu & Kashmir. We perpetuate to work as the peer as well as the pressure group to drive the deadlocked government of the valley to work fairly and efficiently towards a sustainable socio-political future. People’s Alliance aims at creating a thrust over the incumbent agencies of government and draw out of them what rightfully belongs to the common man. People’s Alliance has evolved as a result of continuous persuasion from the civil society, known intellectuals, socio-political, religious lobbies and especially the youth of Kashmir to realize a conducive environment imperative for lasting peace and prosperity. Our focus is to advocate the true aspirations of the youth and to bring before the world sufferings of common Kashmiri people undermined for decades, human rights violations inhumanely neglected, protect the basic rights of the people and eventually the end of the bloody turmoil inflicting this land since decades.

People’s Alliance work began in 2008 at the time of the uprising in Kashmir. In the beginning, People’s Alliance had only a limited number of people who shared the vision to find the way forward for Kashmir. People’s Alliance was subsequently joined by many like-minded people and the number kept on growing with different sections of the society coming together and working for the upliftment of Kashmiris. Owing to a wonderful response from various sections of the Kashmiri society, the idea of building a powerful socio-political front was born and scheduled to be launched at an appropriate time. Subsequently the mass movement of 2016 in Kashmir, led People’s Alliance to arrange close door meetings in multiple towns and districts to understand what the people were trying to achieve by participating in protest programs called by APHC (All Parties Hurriyat Conference) leaders. After comprehensive discussions, we arrived at a conclusive manifesto. Besides supporting RESISTANCE we shall thrive for sustenance, we aim at achieving AZAADI AND ABAADI in its true interpretation, for People’s Alliance has its roots encrypted in the notion that ‘RESISTANCE IS EXISTENCE.’ We are working towards achieving the common dream of every Kashmiri and supporting the true impulse imbibed in the heart of every Kashmiri.

We have representation across all the districts of Kashmir and affiliation throughout the valley to reach out to every individual of Kashmir and those who want to bring about a change in their homeland. People’s Alliance links a new generation of voices, ideas, and stories to larger audience globally, therefore creating a new narrative is essential, which is indeed the need of the hour.

Care Today Build Tomorrow -
JKPA connects communities across region and religion.