Action Plan


Short Term (2-3 years plan, In Sha Allah):

  1. We will keep our activities going in relation to awareness of Mis-Governance happening in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and will enhance our reach to be touched by our local people. This will give a clear image of leadership that is working right now and service-ship that is aimed by us.
  2. We will fill the vacuum that stands between establishments and the common people that explains no sense of belonging by latter to the former and we will guard the aspirations of our local people so, that they can build a trust factor on establishment section.
  3. We are also in process of starting an accredited institution wherein our youth will undergo research activities and will have opportunities for fellowship programs on topics like Peace, Progress, and Prosperity. This will aware the youth more and more about our political status and they will ensure maximum participation in such programs for giving a solution to our issues.
  4. We will build our relations with efficient youth fronts, academicians, think-tanks, and political fronts for reaching to a conclusion on our diplomatic affairs and for serving our motherland.
  5. We will bridge the gaps between entities that recruit people for political representation and our youth so, that a youthful movement starts in politics at the grass root level. Currently our youth are not in a position to get involved in political activities as they need support, security and assurance. We will provide them with all the necessities required for moving upfront in political representation, with this a new generation will hold the key positions in every sector of political sphere and will run the sectors in relation to the aspirations of our common people.
  6. We will assist our youth in educational sector for their admissions in prestigious higher educational institutions so, that they graduate with best of learning and serve their motherland for a better tomorrow. These admissions will be scholarship nature and unpaid for our youth who aim to become the change makers of our society, with this we we will raise role models from our local creed who will be followed for excelling meritoriously and serving selflessly.
  7. We intend to develop our religious minded youth for building our motherland and make them reach out to volunteers at every level so, that charity of serving our land begins at every home of Jammu & Kashmir.
  8. We will collaborate with humanitarian organizations for recruiting our youth in their programs so, that they learn extensively and get exposed to the real world outside and then come back to apply everything that is learned in our land. We aim a better future of our youth who will be guided by famous humanitarians to work in a collaborative and growing environment for helping the underprivileged and for uplifting the needy.
  9. We will coordinate with corporate giants so, that they invest in our state. This will help in employment generation for our youth and our middle class with get strengthened with an economically prosperous state.
  10. We will formulate our own narratives that will speak of our futuristic intentions in relation to serving and settling the people of our homeland.

Mid Term (5-6 Years In Sha Allah):

  1. We will issue guidance to all our members and affiliates for indulging in dialogue and ask them to give reports on time in relation to their progress and with this we will create a process of lobbying for the solution of political turmoil that we are facing and will pressurize the ones who add fuel to the existing fire of disturbance in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Our aim will be of unified nature in this process that will speak the language of our common people who have the first and foremost right in deciding for the fate of our land.
  2. We will make detailed reports on our political situation and at the same time generate findings for ‘solution’ to our situation and will submit all the details to the Central Government and Law experts all over the world to create awareness about our state and invite all the stake holders who are important in dialogue for solving our issue. With this we will pressurize those who don’t want the turmoil to end and those who incite violence for. Our idea is to solve our issue through a proper series of diplomatic steps.
  3. We will create an employment generation program wherein we will ensure employment for our youth studying across country and in our state as well in their respective fields so, that together they can contribute to their profession and in turn to the society and their motherland. Disciplines like media, journalism, science and technology, law, finance, economics, engineering, medicine, arts, space science, and political science will be given required attention in this employment program.
  4. We will devise and activate a youth platform that will be an extract of our existing socio-political team, this platform will be of selected competent youth who will have our full support for raising voice against every inhuman activity and malpractices happening in the society. Things will start assembling in normalcy at the grass root level and our society will have a situational relief from evil practices.
  5. We will show our presence in every nook and corner of the state so, that every piece of land is given great importance in terms of governance and management. Handling the local with utmost care will be assured by our team as we look forward for a settled future of our local people.
  6. We will create and operate a media cell that will have its presence in the whole state to highlight activities of authorities working on the issues of our common people, with this locals and establishment will come in direct contact.
  7. We intend to change the existing image of mainstream politics. With observing our significant and selfless services, our common people should feel that the mainstream is their savior not killer. We intend to help the people in normalcy as well as crisis so, that they feel proud in associating themselves with us. We intend to create a brand of mainstream politics that is of the people’s choice that would get recognized nationally as well as internationally.
  8. We intend to bring our youth forward to construct their aspirations that will be worked upon to be polished for their growth and their better fate. With this our youth will shift to a positive environment wherein they will excel in accordance to their wishes.
  9. We will bring our people together to share their daily happenings so, that different sections of the society are aware of each other in each and every respect. Such gatherings will be formal nature of interactive forums, societal conclaves, religious gatherings aimed at interfaith harmony and public meetings.
  10. We intend to bring our entire population of youth under the rhetoric “HamaraNau’JawanHamariPehchaan” so, that they are motivated for working in tune with all the age groups and sections of our society. This will build a coordinative environment in our culture that will pave way for high morality and desires co-existence.
  11. We will work in affected and conflicted zones of our motherland. We will work for the rehabilitation of youth who’ve suffered in the name of conflict and give them a roadmap of a secure future so, that they don’t feel alienated anymore and collaborate with us in serving our motherland. Hearts and minds of our youth need to be accelerated for a positive journey.
  12. We will create an environment that is of settled nature, an environment that will make people to work for their life goals and we will develop strategies that will act as a bridge between our people and their aspirations

Long Term (7-10 Years):

  1. With years of selfless service and positive efforts, we will reach to a situation wherein we are in full control of executing our agenda that talks about serving the common people and settling the common people, at the same time we will make our people to get involved actively in democratic services so, that a menace of dynasty politics, smooth corruption, and continuous violence sees an end.
  2. Our situation will get strengthened and now we will be in a position to collaborate with the needful institutions to give power to our democratic revolution of transparent nature and we will sternly act against the violence mongers and those who want the chaos and turmoil to continue in its form and manner.
  3. We will create a core team of policy makers who will get inputs from our prestigious local people to develop policies according to their needs and wishes. With this we will be in a position to achieve multiple goals; goals of people and of our organization.
  4. We will contribute as well as control the processes of administration, economy and policy making from our office so, that no deadlock is seen at the grass root level and assure safe and transparent mode of administration. The much needed change in our land and a roadmap to a permanent solution will be visible through our selfless efforts.
  5. We will work for the revival and promotion of our culture, our heritage and our tourism industry. This in turn will create the brand of “Jammu & Kashmir”, a brand that will be of long lasting nature, a brand that will be an image of our identity and glory.
  6. We will collaborate with institutions that train people in skill development. This will create opportunities for our youth to be creatively self-employed and they will be free of worries related to their employment issues.
  7. We will hold interactive sessions with therapists wherein they will listen to the problems of our youth and give them ways to restore their self-respect and self-esteem affected by the fear factor and psychosis created by the predecessor ruling regimes. Our youth should be full of positive energy and self-esteem so, that they hold key positions in democratic sphere to work for a settled future of our citizens.
  8. We will create an environment where our people will feel proud of their recent history that lead them to such a desirable state, with this we will promote our cultural history to get featured in happy states worldwide.
  9. We will work for the promotion of our literature that is enriched with numerous languages and ensure its revival so, that our future generations taste the words weaved by our artists of the past.
  10. We will change the terminology of rulers & ministers so, that they are known by only one name and that is ‘voted servants’, this will make our people pride officers of our times.
  11. We will give authority to the committees functioning at locality level, communities of social and religious nature so, that every member of the society works for uplifting the underprivileged and the needy.
  12. We will revive the lost community based culture in our land, a culture that promoted informal sittings in the evening where daily issues were discussed. This culture brought in light the issues to be addressed on community level.
  13. We will work for changing the image of mainstream from pro country to pro people, our sole motive will remain intact in relation to the service of our people so, that mainstream develops a new image that is of acceptance.
  14. We intend to become a socio-political platform for our people so, that if there comes situation where the political part fails, social will remain. This will develop a factor of co-existence and social social platform will be used construct the political front with a new face and structure as per the aspirations of our people whom we have to serve.
  15. We will tirelessly work for empowering our women and will voice against atrocities done to them. Uplifting our feminine class is need of the hour as our women have been victimized in different eras of our recent history

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