Activity Log


  1. We successfully launched our first campaign “We Serve We Settle”, we initiated with social media awareness of our core idea and started serving our common people with social work.
  2. We expanded our rhetoric in the whole valley which clearly gave a message that a new political idea and a new front is coming up in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, a front that will work in accordance to the political aspirations of our prestigious common people and advocate growth with development for uplifting the common creed. Our idea was also picked by international players who have a direct or indirect influence on our political situation.
  3. We organized and at the same time participated in conferences on our political situation, seminars for the awareness of ballot, workshops for our youth that provided them lucrative information in the process of ‘learning by doing’, webinars for our youth who are out of station, lectures discussing the core ideas and strategies of our political intentions, and demonstrations where a new intellectually developed narrative was put forward for its awareness and advocacy.
  4. We took the stage for highlighting the daily sufferings of our common people and had the same aired on various media houses across valley which totally marked importance of having a new front in political representation in our state. Our initiative has appeared on various platforms of print and electronic media.
  5. We have roped in several organizations to stress on the discussions related to the mis-governance and to pressure the current ruling regime for working efficiently and in accordance to the choice of our people. We at the same time are voicing to end the tortures and human rights violations that are taking place in our land and our main focus has remained towards the betterment of our working class with growth, economic prosperity and solution building measures.
  6. We approached various sections of our society that includes common people, celebrities, sports-stars, musicians, actors, corporate giants, and other high profile dignitaries and updated them on our political situation and earned their commitment of support to help in building a new face of our motherland.
  7. We have voiced for the choice of our local people as it is their choice that matters the most in governance.
  8. We will be having an informative tour on the governance and the power, structure, and importance of ballot and delivery of promises throughout the valley and this has built a new excitement in our youth who are a major part of this initiative.
  9. We held brainstorming sessions with numerous non-kashmiri students, activists and academicians which encouraged them to write powerful articles and blogs in favor of a new front coming up in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.
  10. We are receiving invitations to the gatherings that plead the case of political imbalance of our state and want a solution to this.
  11. We have held meetings, formal/informal sittings with people who are of importance to Kashmir and these meetings had people from and outside the state as well.
  12. We have been in constant touch with our youth and held dialogue sessions with them for a better tomorrow and have supported our youth in creative programs like Art Exhibitions, eloquence sessions, bi-lingual debating competitions that brought forward the talent and creativity of our youth.
  13. We are in process of starting various centers wherein our youth will engage in Information Technology awareness, Educational programs, promotion of sports culture and provision of health education throughout the valley.
  14. We are creating a pressure group to pressurize the government to launch a grievance redressal cell and helpline which will be easily available for our people so, that they can give updates on inefficiency of authorities or any other subject related happening and at the same time narrate their grievances to be heard & solved.
  15. Till now, no political front has been able to organize any activity in University of Kashmir. We are the beginners in that as we have organized an event called “ilhaam”; a one dayhusn’e’naat and qiraat competition.
  16. We have organized road safety and awareness campaign under the United Nations decade of action for road safety 2011-2020, across the valley in schools, colleges and universities. This helped our youth to get updated on rules, ethics and norms of driving, traffic laws and road safety measures as we have more than one million vehicles in our valley.
  17. We organized a protest to highlight the inefficiency and incompetence of current and previous regimes and showcased our dissatisfaction by holding ‘black umbrellas’, this was debated as a new form of protest by our people and members of the civil society.
  18. We protested against the ill-activity that rocked our state in summer of 2017, ‘Braid Chopping’ of women. These radical and coward acts were extensively protested by our team and at the same time we voiced against the failure of government in taking action against this evil act and exposing the ones who were involved in this.
  19. We raised our voice in tune with the voice of our common people against the NIA & CBI raids in which many innocent people were dragged in suspicion and at the same time demanded these investigating agencies to raid, probe and summon the mainstream politicians and their brokers.
  20. We organized a candle light vigil in solidarity with Burmese Muslims who were victimized in an ethnic cleansing genocide and voiced for human rights violations to stop across the globe as we personally feel their pain because we have been victims of human rights violations as well.
  21. We protested against the state legislators for not taking any strict action against the ones who were trying to abrogate Article 35-A, and voiced for taking required measures to safeguard article 35-A and our special status.
  22. We are launching the following campaigns:
    a) I am a Proud Kashmiri, I am JKP
    b) I am a Proud Pahari, I am JKPA
    c) I am a Proud Gujjar, I am JKPA
    d) I am a Proud Dogra, I am JKPA
    e) I am a Proud Balti, I am JKPA
    f) I am not Divided, I am JKPA
    g) I am Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, I am JKPA

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