Aims & Objectives


  1. Our first and foremost intention is to serve our land, our people, and our community of co-existence and at the same time make every common man settle in every aspirational dimension.
  2. We intend to make our people settle and flourish in every aspect of life. ( humaabadhaintoh hum aazadhain ).
  3.  We intend to free our land from the grip of corruption and take it to a safer haven of co-operation.
  4. Corruption eats up the conscience of man, the growth of corruption in society has overthrown the values we’ve inherited. We intend to save our common people from the evil grip of corruption and bring forward an idea which serves under the banner of crystal clear administration.
  5. We desire peace and we intend to create peace, our push is for taking the peace initiatives, creating awareness of such initiatives and implementing such initiatives for the stability of our motherland – Jammu & Kashmir.
  6. We intend to bring the mistakes of the past done by the current and previous regimes, in limelight and unveil their mismanagement in front of our prestigious common people and show them that they are being misled, and at the same time we will work with our people to create a solution as per their needs and wishes.
  7. Administration in our narrative is satisfaction, we intend to satisfy our common people through serving them in administrative fields like Education, Electricity, Environment, Economy, Employment ( 5 E’s ), Welfare, Water, and Work Culture ( 3 W’s ),Science, Sports and Smart Cities ( 3 S’s ),Tourism, Technology and Transport ( 3 T’s ), Healthcare and Hospitality ( 2 H’s ), Connectivity and Culture ( 2 C’s ), and Judiciary ( The Agent of Justice ).
  8.  We intend to break the screen that stands between the voter and the voted servant, our intention is to connect the two at the foundation level of governance.
  9. We intend to collaborate with youth fronts and students of our prestigious higher educational institutions as it is the youth who represent the futuristic face of our identity and play their role in saving and serving our mother land.
    (HamaraNau’Jawan, HamariPehchaan).
  10. We intend to spread our idea and narrative through numerous platforms to be heard and judged by our own people who will guide us to serve their aspirations.
  11. We intend to push the stake holders of the society like think tanks, policy makers, human rights activists and academic institutions to voice for a “Peaceful Jammu and Kashmir” and ensure our undying support for meeting and achieving peace for our motherland.
  12. The U.S.P of our motherland is that we are united even after living in different skins. We intend to strengthen our unity and bring forward people from all three zones Jammu, Kashmir &Ladakh and work tirelessly as a team for developing strategies for promotion of peace, for ending the sufferings of the ones who’ve suffered at the hands of tyrants, and for the development in all three zones of our motherland.
  13. We intend to create a sense of belonging, mutuality, and integration with other parts of the country and develop working relations with them for the betterment of our future generations as development in work sector generates job opportunities.
  14. Our identity is our Culture; the richness of our hundreds of years old culture has remained unsung even when it has been promoted a lot. We intend to bring together all the faces of the society and work together as representatives of our rich culture and promote our identity.
    ( saqafathaitoh hum hain ).
  15. “To vote is to change” in our narrative and we intend to create awareness about this change through numerous platforms like campaigns, conferences, tours, seminars, webinars and brain storming sessions.
  16. We intend to polish the ballot and unveil its real identity to our own people, ballot is a booking to service in our narrative.
  17. The power of vote and the rights that follow every man after he casts his vote are unknown to the masses, we intend to create awareness about those rights and about the power of vote.
  18. We intend to bring forward the daily sufferings our own people and problems faced by them at the foundation level of governance and administration.
  19.  “Our youth are our future”, our idea is to bring forward youth in all the serving sectors so, that they can build their motherland with their own capabilities and by doing this we intend to send the message that “Our generations to come are being secured by the agents of future, The Youth”.
  20. When the administration remains high headed, the common man suffers. Our emphasis is on the “servant-master” thought where the master is the common man and the servant is the administration, and we will make sure that the master is served well by the servant.
  21. Poverty has broken the back of many people of our motherland and its grip has remained very strong in different sections. We intend to create opportunities for common people on their own guidance to fight the ghost of poverty.
    ( Karenge door Ghurbat ka nasoor ).
  22. Displaced families have a figure of 36,384 and still there have been no significant developments for their rehabilitation and remuneration. They are our own brothers and deserve every act of service for their betterment. We intend to devise a team that will solely work for their welfare and uplift them in every sector. Such families have lost their settled homes and here they are one of our top priorities as we aim to settle the unprivileged.
  23. We have families in our state that have been divided because of the Line of Control, they have suffered socially as well as emotionally. Sons have not been able to attend funerals of their fathers who happened to be on the other side of the line of control. We intend to ease the travel of such families across the border so, that they don’t have to follow a lengthy process for visiting their family and loved ones.
  24. The law of the land governs the system as well as the people of the civil societies and the remaining population of the common creed as well, law is supposed to serve all the three sections equally, the system shouldn’t be given any privilege if it falls under the category of corruption and underdevelopment. We intend to bring every violation of law in limelight so, that justice is served equally for all. Justice delayed, justice denied rhetoric needs to be changed to justice served, justice earned and we aim to change this rhetoric in our service to our land.
    ( Qaum ka sukoon, Adl’o’kanoon )
  25. Our natural resources are in abundance as we are known by the title of “Heaven on Earth”, aiming illegal profit through these resources have caused a major depletion in the treasure of natural resources. We intend to bring this on table so, that our natural resources are preserved and utilised in a legal and profitable way.
    ( Qudratiwasaa’il, un’ginatfazaa’il )
  26. Politicians have been witnessed playing politics on the sufferings of our common people, this needs to end as politics is for service not for emotional adventurism. We intend to bring an end to this menace and articulate the basic sense of politics that is service and service only.
  27. We walk with the vision that one day the common man will govern our land, we intend to change the structure of governance from dynasty politics to powerful common man politics. We flourish this idea that politics is an art of serving, and can can be earned not inherited through ancestral legacy.
    ( Siasathamariaashai, meerasnahi ).
  28. These are some of our ideas that we are sharing with our brothers of the Jammu & Kashmir, and we look forward to change some rusted narratives that have been of no use to our motherland. We welcome every common man with smiles and wish to serve them with the best of our capabilities and epitome of our efficiencies. We aim at maximum participation in our journey that will lead us to a Happy, Satisfied, and Prosperous Jammu & Kashmir. We wish to leave behind the ‘I’, ‘Me’ narrative and come to our people with the ‘We’ narrative so, that we can Serve our people and we can Settle our people ( In Sha Allah ).
    ( Layengetadleedikibahaar, AapkeKhidmat’gaar ).


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