Kashmir Untold


Halqina hui jo wohzanjeerhun main,
khuld’e’daur’e’rawaan Kashmir hun main.

I’m a five thousand years old civilization and a home to a million lost souls who’ve struggled through the folds of time to gather their share of actual identity, I am Kashmir.

I have given shelter to Aryans, I have been a home to numerous dynasties including the Mughals who’ve nurtured their generations in my lap of beauty and bounty.

Since the birth of mankind, the righteous slaves of Allah have been commanded to come to my abode for serving the humanity selflessly, I’ve played the role of an institution for such men of honor. Every single man who walked on the path of divinity here has given my people a source for a dignified survival. A godly leadership of saints has left a permanent mark of faith and trust on my people who are still firm in their innocent beliefs but alas! Their hard earned identity is dwindling with every passing moment as there is no one ready to wear the boots of the leaders of my golden era. I have witnessed multi-dimensional culture in my prosperous land, the common creed has always lived with other skins shoulder to shoulder and with heart full of warmth, such is the mindset of my common people; the people who are selfless in their reality; the people who are always ready to serve; the people who are warm and hospitable to everyone visiting their homeland; the people who are an expression of giving; the people who belong to me; the people who are known by the title ‘Kashmiri’. These people need to be taken care of as they have seen centuries of war, pain and suffering. These people need to be lullabied by the sounds of growth and tranquility of mind, they are lost in the history of themselves, they need to be gathered and put back to a stability and need to be given a solution to their endless sufferings. To attain that ‘Stability’, there is a dire need of a team that is ready to forget its identity and let my people become the face of it as everything that is aimed in my land is supposed to be for my own people; for the local Kashmiri. In the times of ethnic wars and global warming, a chaos runs down the throat of my local people that narrates the tale of stability that is desired and solution that is dreamed. For such a state, the statesmen have to fold their sleeves and jump into the pit of political lust and clean the remains of democratic ballot for it will make a way for my local people to reach out to the decision making ground and he will construct his democratic fate through a transparent procedure of rights and duties. The sound of settling dust is what my local people wish, for they have seen endless blurred images of fabricated promises, they are trying to reach out to a hand that will hold them and carry the burden that they bore on their shoulders since many centuries. Amid the battles of power, the core idea of serving the land has been forgotten by the ones taking the throne of ‘service’ through dynastic inheritance and wishes of the needy die every time they see a back turned towards them, they want to see assuring faces, not creasy foreheads.

My aspirations have been compromised through different eras. Dogra rule had something to give, the leaders who came by the end of their reign had something different to give, but every time roads leading to contentment of me and my people witnessed deadlocks. There’s a dire need of service and social security for my people. When I go through the promises made by the leaders who took charge after Dogra rule, I constantly pray for my land to have a leadership that will be chosen; chosen by my own people; chosen from my own people; chosen for my own people to serve my own people and to settle my own people.
I don’t need the ones who lead my people with leadership, I need the ones who will lead my people with service, a transparent mode of chosen people.

Observing the voice of our land, a voice that narrates the stories of the past with some dark realities. We have prepared ourselves for a job of serving our people the way we want toget served. We hold a vision in our sight that sees solution, growth, change, development, security, prosperity, stability, peace and co-existence. We desire to create our leaders from our own local people, we give them the privilege to choose, and to elect their representatives themselves. We will be the electoral platform for the ones who are not satisfied with what’s happening and want remarkable changes in political representation and service. We will be not be a party to political gambles, we will not be a party to intellectual thefts, we will not be a party to moral degradation, we will not be a party to empty promises, we will not be a ‘Party’; we will be an Alliance; people’s alliance and here we unveil our first identity, we are the Jammu & Kashmir People’s Alliance;

Orphaned children, widows, half widows, are a significant part of the sacrifice made for our mother land, the state of Jammu & Kashmir. We are in a constant conflict zone, our dead who rest in unnamed graves are still screaming for justice and for their graves to be named. This needs to be addressed before anything important on the plate of diplomats. Regions of middle east are sailing in the same boat of chaos and conflict but they have organisations that represent the people’s narrative on national and international platforms. We intend to create a same ground wherein constant inflow of people’s narrative will be addressed and put forward on international diplomatic tables. In layman’s language we will be the separatists as well as the mainstream of Jammu & Kashmir with a vision of solved Jammu & Kashmir and developed Jammu & Kashmir.

Our common people have been fooled with empty promises, their metre of trust for every political front is going down. They have seen the uprising of 90’s, they have gone through stone pelting eras of 2008, 2010 and 2016. They have tested the lefts, the rights and the centres and now they are tired with holding their sufferings within, they crave for dialogue and solution, they desire solution and we have prepared ourselves to hold the hands of our common people and give them the best of solution for their pains and sufferings

We wish to cater to the local people’s secure fate, we plan selfless services and we aimto create a team from you; a team that will be politically stable; a team that will dissolve the existing crisis and hate. Every single person dreams a life that is normal in terms of social security, financial security, emotional security and demands situations that keep him adding to such dreams; dreams that bring with them the vision of a man’s settled family, fulfilment of his basic needs ( Food, clothes and shelter), quality education of his children and some monetary power to serve the needs of Self Actualisation. This cycle of life has many duties associated with it that talk about the remuneration and progress of ‘every man who has such dreams’, that progress has a systematic way of going about it, in our land that ‘systematic way’ is giving the electoral mandate to a team that pledges to serve “In The Name of Allah”. Amid the constant damage of dreams and hopes, our common people call for a solution that will put an end to this long living bizarre conflict. Voices of our people have been choked in the past, the voices that narrated the truth they lived and suffered at the same time. Battles of power has neglected the sole purpose of bringing stability in the lives of our common people, every single person thinks about a situation that will be of settled nature and demands a place where his dreams meet reality. In our narrative, the solution is strengthening the middle class, achieving constant growth in trade and economy, and a political vision of “our land should be in our hand’.

Rolling on the wheels of memory, we come across the period of acceding to India and get shocks of the promises made by the then ruling people. What did we get? Assurance of our mother land to be governed on our choice and what did we get in real? Political genocides.
In the Realm of today’s ruling class, some celebrate October 26 as “Victory day” and some observe it as a “Black day”, we intend to get a solution out of all the promises made and all the promises broken, trust factor needs to be restored for a journey of safe democracy wherein our own people are served and enjoy the services of elected servicemen.

We are a bestowed land with a numerous cultures and communities like Kashmiris, Dogras, Paharis, Gujjars/Bakarwals, Gurezis, Sikhs/Punjabis, Ladakhis and pandits. We enjoy a Multi-lingual and Multi-dimensional culture and unite under a single umbrella of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and represent our identity in every field, an identity that is diverse but uniform in nature, our flesh and blood is our land and that is our legacy and our preciousness. We stand guard on our dreams that show us the picture of our prosperous times and we strive to push every factor that will make us achieve that state of “Amity in Diversity”.
Our religious and geographical identities are also different. We are a blend of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity and a blend of three regions Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. This makes us rich in fields like Art and Literature as we have got scriptures dating back to fourth millennium BC. We come as a civilisation with many faces and every face in unique in its origin. Our duty is to preserve our richness and make it flourish on international grounds so, that the taste of our uniqueness is tasted by every lover of our mother land.
Our Pandit brethren have suffered at the hands of dubious rulers and have sacrificed their hopes, their dreams, their settled abodes for the future plans of some policy makers. We can’t bring back their lost ones but we can assure them safe returns where they can have a fresh start and relive their ‘safe moments’ of the past, moments like the ones that saw “Ahmad and prannath” playing in the neighbourhood of Dargah, Hazratbal.
Artisans, farmers, daily wagers have been victims of changing government policies. Artisans represent our cultural industry, Farmers satisfy the daily nutritional needs of the population by working tirelessly at farms eating dry loafs of bread sometimes and daily wagers carry the workload of others on their shoulders for a meagre amount on daily basis. We look forward to strengthen these hard-working sections through creating opportunities for them where they can work and fulfil their basic needs in a normal and dignified way.
Our industry sector is vast in nature, we have Industries like Tourism,Transport, Hoteliers,Shopkeeper, Carpet, Shawl, Handicrafts, Wood carving, Fruit, Furniture, Dry fruit, General trade, Paper machie, Spices and saffron. Over the years our Industrial sector is losing its value because it has been hit with controllable factors like government regulations and uncontrollable factors like natural calamities. We voice for the revival of industrial sector as it is this sector that facilitates growth in economic sector. Saints have given us a sector of arts and handicrafts. We have to revive this unique industry as it represents our identity on international platforms. Revival needs experts who can generate ideas in creative as well as economic field, we intend to recruit such experts for the betterment and growth of our precious Industry of the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Our most grave issue to be addressed right now is the “Debt Trap” we are in, our common people have numerous loans on them and they are sleepless because of this loan fear. In turmoil and flood period, the loans that people had on them were relieved in a way that trapped them in more interest. They were given loans to pay their interests and then they in turn ended up on paying “interest on interest”. Governments of various other parts of the country relieved the Artisans, Farmers, Shopkeepers, Fruit growers, Street hawkers of their loans but here no such thing was seen even after turmoil and natural calamities. Currently we are in a Debt of over sixty thousand crores and the loan part in that debt is near about two thousand and five hundred crores. We get budget packages over eighty thousand crores and we can’t pay off an amount of few thousand crores from that, an amount which will relieve the common suffering people who earn their bread with sweat and blood. We need to strengthen the hard working class, our elites are tasting continental cuisines and our farmers are starving and committing suicides. This needs to end, we need to up the game of serving our common people.


When a child is born, his parents are made to beg for his date of birth certificate by the system, this marks the start of begging for the rights that are duties of the system. Time passes, comes the period of school admission, college admission, university admission, we have to beg for this as well. After completion of studies, we have to beg for employment, and we get settled financially after getting a job, we think of marriage and marry with a relief that marriage doesn’t fall under the control of the system for if it would, then we would see ourselves even begging for this as well. After getting married, we grow somewhat financially and think of constructing a new house, we intend to buy land and the system steps in, we start begging for the paperwork in revenue offices. It’s unfortunate that we have to beg for phone lines, electricity, public health facilities. After begging for all these things we reach our old age and we die, and then our family members have to beg for graveyards/cremation grounds. Even after death the system doesn’t leave us, our family members have to beg for our death certificate. So, the system keeps tracking us from Date of Birth Certificate to Death Certificate, it’s a vicious cycle as we have been made beggars without choice. We intend to abolish this Nepotism and be a part of changing the system and then becoming the system; a system that will serve the common people like they deserve to be served, we visualise an era where our common people won’t have to beg for their basic rights and needs.
Every nation is made and flourished by the “Youth”, our land has a significant population of the youth. A rough estimate shows that in Jammu and Kashmir, a common man needs a financial remuneration of fifty thousand per month for fulfilment of his basic needs of life in a comfortable manner, this shows us that a man needs an amount of one to two crores for his lifetime here, to live a stable life in terms of finance. We intend to give a roadmap to this journey of fulfilment of financial needs to our common people and ensure their stability in different walks of life as it is the common man who trusts the system and it is the system which has to serve him for his trust and rights that he carries with him right from his birth.

We, as a team observe our serving capacity and come with the idea of “serving only” through testing ourselves at the hands of our own people who have the power of “Vote”, as it is the vote that decides who are the ones who drown and the ones who float, in the waters of politics. With this transparent idea of “serving our community” in most selfless of ways, we have some Aims and Objectives that talk about our futuristic intentions to share with our own people.
Any suggestion or addition by our own people in our futuristic intentions are always welcomed as we don’t intend to serve like regimes of the past, we believe in union of heart and mind to achieve maximum desired output of righteous services.

AIMS & OBJECTIVES ( In Sha Allah ).

  1. Our first and foremost intention is to serve our land, our people, and our community of co-existence and at the same time make every common man settle in his aspirational dimension.
  2. We intend to make our people settle and flourish in every aspect of life.( hum aabadhaintoh hum aazadhain ).
  3. We intend to free our land from the grip of corruption and take it to a safer haven of co-operation.
  4. Corruption eats up the conscience of a man, the growth of corruption in society has overthrown the values we’ve inherited. We intend to save our common people from the evil grip of corruption and bring forward an idea which serves under the banner of crystal clear administration.
  5. We desire peace and we intend to create peace, our push is for taking the peace initiatives, creating awareness of such initiatives and implementing such initiatives for the stability of our motherland The Jammu & Kashmir.
  6. We intend to bring the mistakes of the past done by the current and previous regimes, in limelight and unveil their mismanagement in front of our prestigious common people and show them that they are being misled, and at the same time we will work with our people to create a solution as per their needs and wishes.
  7. Administration in our narrative is satisfaction, we intend to satisfy our common people through serving them in administrative fields like Education, Electricity, Environment, Economy, Employment ( 5 E’s ), Welfare, Water, and Work Culture ( 3 W’s ),Science, Sports and Smart Cities ( 3 S’s ),Tourism, Technology and Transport ( 3 T’s ),Healthcare and Hospitality ( 2 H’s ), Connectivity and Culture ( 2 C’s ), and Judiciary ( The Agent of Justice ).
  8. We intend to break the screen that stands between the voter and the voted servant, our intention is to connect the two at the foundation level of governance.
  9. We intend to collaborate with youth fronts and students of our prestigious higher educational institutions as it is the youth who represent the futuristic face of our identity and play their role in saving and serving our mother land.
    (HamaraNau’Jawan, HamariPehchaan).
  10. We intend to spread our idea and narrative through numerous platforms to be heardand judged by our own people who will guide us to serve their aspirations.
  11. We intend to push the stake holders of the society like think tanks, policy makers, human rights activists and academic institutions to voice for a “Peaceful Jammu and Kashmir” and ensure our undying support for meeting and achieving peace for our motherland.
  12. The U.S.P of our motherland is that we are united even after living in different skins. We intend to strengthen our unity and bring forward people from all three zones Jammu, Kashmir &Ladakh and work tirelessly as a team for developing strategies for promotion of peace, for ending the sufferings of the ones who’ve suffered at the hands of tyrants, and for the development in all three zones of our motherland.
  13. We intend to create a sense of belonging, mutuality, and integration with other parts of the country and develop working relations with them for the betterment of our future generations as development in work sector generates job opportunities.
  14. Our identity is our Culture, the richness of our hundreds of years old culture has remained unsung even when it has been promoted a lot. We intend to bring together all the faces of the society and work together as representatives of our rich culture and promote our identity.
    ( saqafathaitoh hum hain ).
  15. “To vote is to change”in our narrative and we intend to create awareness about this change through numerous platforms like campaigns, conferences, tours, seminars, webinars and brain storming sessions.
  16. We intend to polish the ballot and unveil its real identity to our own people, ballot is a booking to service in our narrative.
  17. The power of vote and the rights that follow every man after he casts his vote are unknown to the masses, we intend to create awareness about those rights and about the power of vote.
  18. We intend to bring forward the daily sufferings our own people and problems faced by them at the foundation level of governance and administration.
  19. “Our youth are our future”, our idea is to bring forward youth in all the serving sectors so, that they can build their motherland with their own capabilities and by doing this we intend to send the message that “Our generations to come are being secured by the agents of future, The Youth”.
  20. When the administration remains high headed, the common man suffers. Our emphasis is on the “servant-master” thought where the master is the common man and the servant is the administration, and we will make sure that the master is served well by the servant.
  21. Poverty has broken the back of many people of our motherland and its grip has remained very strong in different sections. We intend to create opportunities for common people on their own guidance to fight the ghost of poverty.
    ( Karenge door Ghurbatkanasoor ).
  22. Displaced families have a figure of 36,384 and still there have been no significant developments for their rehabilitation and remuneration. They are our own brothers and deserve every act of service for their betterment. We intend to devise a team that will solely work for their welfare and uplift them in every sector. Such families have lost their settled homes and here they are one of our top priorities as we aim to settle the unprivileged.
  23. We have families in our state that have been divided because of the Line of Control, they have suffered socially as well as emotionally. Sons have not been able to attend funerals of their fathers who happened to be on the other side of the line of control. We intend to ease the travel of such families across the border so, that they don’t have to follow a lengthy process for visiting their family and loved ones.
  24. The law of the land governs the system as well as the people of the civil societies and the remaining population of the common creed as well, law is supposed to serve all the three sections equally, the system shouldn’t be given any privilege if it falls under the category of corruption and underdevelopment. We intend to bring every violation of law in limelight so, that justice is served equally for all. Justice delayed, justice denied rhetoric needs to be changed to justice served, justice earned and we aim to change this rhetoric in our service to our land
    ( Qaumkasukoon, Adl’o’kanoon )
  25. Our natural resources are in abundance as we are known by the title of “Heaven on Earth”, aiming illegal profit through these resources have caused a major depletion in the treasure of natural resources. We intend to bring this on table so, that our natural resources are preserved and utilised in a legal and profitable way.
    ( Qudratiwasaa’il, un’ginatfazaa’il )
  26. Politicians have been witnessed playing politics on the sufferings of our common people, this needs to end as politics is for service not for emotional adventurism. We intend to bring an end to this menace and articulate the basic sense of politics that is service and service only.
  27. We walk with the vision that one day the common man will govern our land, we intend to change the structure of governance from dynasty politics to powerful common man politics. We flourish this idea that politics is an art of serving, and can can be earned not inherited through ancestral legacy.
    ( Siasathamariaashai, meerasnahi ).


These are some of our ideas that we are sharing with our brothers of the Jammu & Kashmir, and we look forward to change some rusted narratives that have been of no use to our motherland. We welcome every common man with smiles and wish to serve them with the best of our capabilities and epitome of our efficiencies. We aim at maximum participation in our journey that will lead us to a Happy, Satisfied, and Prosperous Jammu & Kashmir. We wish to leave behind the ‘I’, ‘Me’ narrative and come to our people with the ‘We’ narrative so, that we can Serve our people and we can Settle our people ( In Sha Allah ).
( Layengetadleedikibahaar, AapkeKhidmat’gaar ).

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