Seven decades of fallacy – Why is the world silent?

Kashmir has been raged by decades long political dispute that has created a stand-off between three nuclear nations around the region, each side claiming the region in its entirety resulting in three major wars between the nuclear armed neighbors. Whilst the dispute between the three countries at the international stage the aspirations of the true stake holders of the region – the Kashmiri people have been completely ignored for seven decades creating restlessness and frustration in their minds.

This growing frustration for decades coupled with the fallacies and atrocities of the ruling power gave birth to an impending armed resistance in 1989 which consumed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris mostly innocent common people. The special powers enjoyed by the Indian army besides leading to a hard stance against the resistance fighters also saw them abuse their special powers resulting in grave human rights violations in the state. Most of these grave horrors committed on innocent people of Kashmir were always kept from the eyes of the international communities and the perpetrators were never bought to justice thanks to the policies of the Indian government to sustain a positive image in the international community ascribing the resistance to terrorism sponsored by its nuclear rival Pakistan. The Indian media has also acted as a PR agency for the government choosing to propagate only what they want the rest of the country to know resulting in a biased hyper nationalistic view of the turmoil among the people of India which is far from reality. This has also lead to the alienation of Kashmiris living in other parts of India, and on various instances resulted in their suffering at the hands of the ignorant Indians.

When the armed resistance was finally suppressed by massive force and the people resorted to a more peaceful way of making their voices heard through demonstrations and protests, the government forces resorted to massive crackdown on protest gatherings forcing the youth to pelt stones in response. This new intifada in the Kashmiri freedom movement has taken the lives of hundreds of un-armed youth in the past few years. The government forces have constantly been increasing their use of force by applying more aggressive tactics, at times firing live ammunition at the protesting youth.

With the advent of social media, the Kashmiri youth and intellectuals over the period of last several years have tried to bring the real face of the problem in Kashmir in front of the world and when it started to grab the attention of the international community, the government resorted to a dirtier tactic of blocking out the social media services like facebook and whatsapp in the valley and even completely blocking the internet during volatile situations in order to suppress the sufferings and cries of the Kashmiri people.

We at JKPA have made it our mission to bring forth the real problems of the people in front of the world and also indulge in dialogue with the Indian government to find a moral ground where ego and hatred can be overwhelmed for a greater purpose of peace and humanity. We at JKPA shall strive to work towards the realization of peace and prosperity for the Kashmiri people and shall leave no stone un-turned to garner the attention of the International communities and the stake holders involved in the dispute and find a sustainable solution to restore peace in the region.

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