Our Flag



Our Flag is a symbol of our motherland that has many factual explanations associated with it and every explanation gives a tinge of our ‘Reality, Aim, Motive, Belief, and Vision. Each star in our flag is a reality that explains our status symbol and each corner of every star is a reality that adds up to the totality of our status symbol.

The Color White in our Flag symbolizes Purity, Brightness, Truth, Divinity, and Harmony.

The Color Green in our Flag symbolizes Nature, Environment, Life, Youth, and a Way Forward that signals positivity.

The Five lines in our flag symbolize Five Rivers that encourage the agricultural activities in our State, these five Rivers are Jhelum, Chenab, Indus, Neelum, and Tawi. These rivers satisfy the hydro needs in our state and at the same time give a great share of Hydro-electricity that serves the power needs of the country.


The Star of Religion:

The first star in our flag is of the five religions that we have in our motherland viz Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Christianity. Each corner of the star represents a religion and all the corners join to become a full star that is our land in the form of all the five religions united in brotherhood.

The Star of Economy:

The second star in our flag is of the five Industrial sectors that we have in our state viz Tourism, Agriculture (horticulture, sericulture), Handicrafts & Textiles, Mineral, General Trade. Each corner represents a sector and all the corners of the star join to complete the representation of our Industrial sector that is a reason of our growth in economic perspective.

The Star of Mettle:

The third star in our flag is of the mettle that everyone possesses in our motherland in the form of Bravery, Strength, Courage, Moral fiber, and Sincerity. Each corner represents a quality of mettle and all the corners of the star join to signify the Character of our people that speaks for itself.

The Star of Politics:

The fourth star in our flag is of the democratic nature that calls for various aspects that are associated with our democratic state, this star is of the Democracy, Dialogue, Solution, Struggle, and Sacrifice. Each corner represents a reality we have faced in our political situation and all the corners of the star join to form our political image internationally.

The Star Of Rights:

The fifth star in our flag is of the rights of the people of our motherland, these rights are rights of Education, Empowerment, Human rights, Birth rights, and Equality rights. Each corner represents a right and all the corners of the star join to form a full fledge image of transparency of rights that we have in our motherland.

All these Five Stars in our flag put together are a mark of “INTEGRITY”, and every star has a significance that explains a characteristic of our motherland. This cluster of stars is a graphical image of our motherland with similar face but different realities that are articulated in a manner that everybody gets a taste of “EQUALITY, SERVICE, HUMANITY, JUSTICE, AND TRANSPARENCY”.

The Star of Religion is Equality.

The Star of Economy is Service.

The Star of Mettle is Humanity.

The Star of Politics is Justice.

The Star of Rights is Transparency

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