Our work


Our vision primarily is to uplift Kashmiris, encompassing various parameters of Prosperity – Education, environment, economy, healthcare, tourism, welfare, development, sports, work culture, protection of human rights and proper action in case of infringement of rights and above all to give a sense of identity to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

People’s Alliance has successfully induced “WE SERVE WE SETTLE Campaign” by actively spreading the word on social media and practically on ground, doing social work across the valley.

We have also organized and participated in local, national as well as international conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars, lectures and demonstrations to work for the cause.

We have successfully engaged and affiliated with several organizations to work, discuss and deliberate on the mishandling of Kashmir issue. People’s Alliance would carry forward the real aspirations of people of Kashmir in its real and honest understanding.

We have so far engaged in dialogue with the youth of Kashmir and have organized and supported projects such as essay competitions, art exhibitions, debating competitions, road safety campaigns and much more to get an insight into what their critical aspirations and hopes for the future really are.

People’s Alliance would launch a grievance cell, legal aid cell, gender cell and media cell which will be available for people 24/7. We firmly advocate an immediate end to human rights violations in Kashmir, and simultaneously make Kashmir a paradise on earth in its true sense.

People’s Alliance continues to receive invitations to global events to participate in discussions on the future of Kashmir and as a result have met and interacted with bureaucrats, politicians, eminent intellectuals, youth leaders across India, Pakistan, United States of America, United Kingdom and China.

We have been actively working towards finding solutions to the Kashmir dispute and the day to day problems of the people and it has been collectively realized that the solution to all the problems in Kashmir lie in the resolution of its long-standing dispute and a final settlement of peace between India, Pakistan and China.

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JKPA connects communities across region and religion.