President’s Message


Jammu and Kashmir has a history of seven decades of fallacy, chaos, struggle, and an unsolved political scenario; a history of sacrifice that our people gave for our motherland to plant the roots of prosperity for the betterment of the current and next generation. Every time that our land witnessed a situation where it was about to get a solution for its political instability of a rather volatile nature , a deadlock appeared and this has brought us to the current times where we as the people of Jammu and Kashmir support numerous narratives that will solve our problems and restore peace in the region.

We have supported every person who has stood up for resolving our issue, and we have made ourselves clear on our choice and in our voice. Our voice calls for a dialogue and solution and our choice is a politically stable land that will be governed as per the aspirations of our people.

Our history makes a way for Dialogue; a dialogue that will bring the narrative of the people of Jammu and Kashmir on national and International fronts. We see a need for such dialogue between India, Pakistan, Joint Resistance Leadership – Hurriyat and other stakeholders as it is by dialogue that our situation will witness a positive change. Political dialogue is of high importance in our situation as our identity and our political situation is a catch for every media house that is running on national and international platforms.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir are tired of empty promises and they are looking for robust avenues that support ‘Change’ as it is our people who have been witnessed calling for ‘Change’. ‘Our Youth’ also are in support of Change and are collaborating with such institutions that call for ‘Change’. The youth seek change as they are frustrated because of prolonged Chaos, Turmoil, Unemployment, Political instabilities etc. that is affecting their careers as they have no avenues for showcasing their creativity and talent.

The Youth are our “Change Makers” and they will surely look for options that narrate the stories of change and they will conform with such narratives that will lead them to a desirable state of affairs. All the situations have been clubbed together as every situation has to be dealt with a proper procedure and every procedure has to be of the people’s choice as we are here to serve our people and give them a dialogue that will solve the tensions and grievances of the past. For this duty in Dialogue we have put forward our narratives on various national and international platforms.

Fortunately, more than 65% of our population are youth below the age of 40 and this has a lot to say about the potential that we have, which we can channelize in a positive and a productive manner if provided with a conducive environment of safety, security and opportunity.

Our political situation has been in tatters because of the dynastic rule that is active in politics in our land since 1947, and because of that we have seen turmoil, political unrest, no dialogue, no solution, status quo, chaos, less growth and more corruption. It’s unfortunate that because of such dynastic rule,“so few have so much and so many have so little”. Our land is full of co-existence and unity and this explains the strong rooted message of undying love that Jammu & Kashmir sends to the whole humanity collectively.A place of such beautiful and selfless reality deserves to be addressed for its political mess.

To overcome this political deadlock, we have prepared ourselves with forming a new Socio-political front with a transparent vision of carrying forward the people’s narrative, giving a solution to our long-lasting unsolved issue, sacrifice, and further empowering our youth for overall growth with their share of services in every field and aspect.

We are Jammu and Kashmir, we aren’t divided in regions, we are one. We aren’t divided in communities and religions, we are the people of Jammu and Kashmir, we are one.

With this, we aim to go forward and advocate for a political dialogue that will rotate on all diplomatic tables, this dialogue will be structured with the aspirations of the common people of Jammu and Kashmir as this dialogue process will be initiated with a vision of solving the previous and existing sufferings and tension of our common people. We foresee a state where we will be Stable, where we will be Growing, where our problems are Solved, where we will be Served and where we will be Settled (In Sha Allah!).

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