1. We have a vital role play to execute in giving solution to our long-lasting turmoil, in building a tranquil environment and in creating a new narrative of Azadi “Hum Aabadhaintoh hum Aazadhain” at this stage in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Our land is in search of an organized political leadership whose core idea will be of serving the common people as our common people have been promised a lot but have not been delivered in accordance to their needs and aspirations. Our people are mentally down because of the ‘Dynasty Politics’ and ‘Family Raj’ and they are sick & tired of such monarchies and want ‘Change’. To overcome this deadlock of political disturbance among our people, it is critical that we continue our services for the common people and grow at the same time with their support and with support of both the nations India and Pakistan.
  2. We are our people and we are our youth, our sentiments are the sentiments of one another, there stands no difference. We link our young generation of fresh voices, great ideas, new narratives and logical stories to a greater audience of national level. We believe in Dialogue between all the stakeholders of Kashmir Issue, in giving solution to the long lasting turmoil and giving a way forward to our people. Creating a new narrative is of great importance as it has to overcome the existing narrative that is promoting chaos, violence and radicalization and with this situation there remains less or no scope for growth, tranquility, settlement and development.
  3. We are a team that is expanding with only one motive “Serve the Common”, and our members are from the morally educated, experienced in all walks of life, socially committed, and mentally upfront backgrounds who have a developed vision of every sector and are working in full passion & dedication for creating a positive and lasting impact on our current situation. We have a team of change makers of the current times and they have collaborated with us in our service to our land. Our team is in work mode that is of tireless nature to collect the narratives of our common people and give them a Representation as per their aspirations and satisfaction. Our team is giving their full assistance to the common people in projects of dialogue, solution, peace, growth and development. The issue of our land will remain the same if the common people of our land aren’t given a new political idea, a new way, a new vision, a new representation. Choice is the power of our common people and we believe that they must be given a new option and a new narrative.
  4. We have our people who are in continuous search for youth who are garnering the idea of change and who can be of great benefit to our society in particular and our land in general. Youth, who support the ideology of dialogue, solution, growth, service, tranquility, and development are coming forward to join hands with us for a greater cause; a cause that will put an end to the sufferings of our people and give them a new sunrise of settled realities. In current times, there is no structured idea or initiative that talks about moving above and beyond the existing political rhetoric and towards a more reasonable choice; a choice that talks about the settlement of our people and of giving solution to their unending sufferings. With our plan of action we intend to prepare our people, the change makers and make them physically firm and mentally rich so, that they don’t find themselves falling in the traps created by influential class, be it the so-called mainstream of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. We are giving them a new choice wherein we will be touching both the ideologies collectively.
  5. Vote is permissible in Palestine as there is an organization in Palestine called Hamas that fights the elections as well as Israel with its military wing, it also has a social service wing. Pakistan, the only country in the world that came into existence on the basis of religion and is known as the Islamic Republic where the vote is very much permissible, then comes the other part of Jammu and Kashmir that is controlled by Pakistan, vote is permissible there as well and this Vote is not permissible in our land after 1989. Before 1989, vote was permissible in our land and now it is not permissible according to some voices that are trying to take away democratic rights of our people. Now, we are working to make this vote permissible so, that the true representation as per the aspirations, expectations and satisfaction of our people comes into place and governance in given as per their choice choice and wishes.
  6. Our motto is Dialogue between India, Pakistan, Hurriyat, and Joint resistance leadership for giving solution to Kashmir issue as per the aspirations of people keeping in view the sacrifices of the Hurriyat faction and the common masses of Jammu & Kashmir.

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